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Keeping your store clean is key to attracting and retaining customers. Newomniyat has the right equipment and staff to continue an optimal level of cleanliness. There are several providers of shop cleaning services Dubai, but we are one of the best in this field.

Like all commercial premises, Stores must be permanently cleaned to preserve the health of customers and employees. This legal obligation is mandatory on the store manager who exposes himself to heavy penalties in the event of a breach of his duty. Indeed, the cleanliness of the premises is the first element visible to customers and therefore constitutes an essential component of your image and your reputation.

Many stores assign the cleaning of their premises to external service providers for both cost and convenience reasons. Using the services of a cleaning company like New Omniyat avoids investing in purchasing equipment and cleaning products and allows you to benefit from a turnkey service without the inherent management constraints.

The Classic Services

The services offered by cleaning companies vary from basic cleaning to the methods to be done, but also cleaning that requires specific gestures. Here are the classic operations that professionals carry out during shop cleaning services Dubai:

  • Dusting of all furniture (table, chair, cupboard, all storage furniture) and radiators;
  • Floor washing (descaling and disinfection);
  • Cleaning of sanitary facilities (floor, bowls, sinks, etc.);
  • Emptying trash cans and replacing trash bags:
  • Cleaning of all accessories and devices that staff are used to touching (telephones, door handles, switches, windows, elevator buttons and others).
  • Additional services

Newomniyat: Office, Hotel & Shop Cleaning Services Dubai:

Our cleaning services provide the general cleaning of your store; we ensure the cleaning of all types of professional and commercial premises to make them clean and pleasant for your customers’ reception.

We take care of the regular or occasional maintenance of shopping areas (shelf, fitting rooms, etc.), the cleanliness of storage areas as well as the repair of floors and wall coverings, the cleanliness of surfaces, the waste sorting, and management, window and shop window washing, etc.

Concentrate on your activity, and we take care of the ecological cleaning services and the routine maintenance of the premises. To find the best cleaning services in Dubai, research them and find a reliable cleaning partner.

Newomniyat is one of the best office cleaning services Dubai. We put different types of cleaning services at your place. We also reveal to you the other methods that we use in most situations and display all our best assets in front of you. You deserve to live in a healthy atmosphere so that your customers feel good there.

The Different Types Of Services Offered By Newomniyat

  • Our shop cleaning services Dubai can take care of all kinds of tasks leading to the cleanliness of your premises. Our team makes sure to clean your customer reception areas, your corridors and your circulations. Your business entity’s image is essential to us. Nothing can escape us. We also offer cleaning in your storage room and landfilling of all types of premises.
  • As a reliable shop cleaning services Dubai, we offer you comprehensive services. With our team of cleaners, the cleanliness of your business premises is whole. We can clean the floor, walls, windows, furniture, etc. We can also take care of the restoration and stripping of floors. Moreover, our company has everything necessary for cleaning significantly in the most challenging storerooms. We also intervene after disasters. This applies in the event of fire or water damage. The cleaning of the common parts of buildings comes under our competence. You can entrust us with the cleaning and disinfection of the toilet blocks. We are already ready for this kind of work: the transfer of bacteria to other places is impossible. Whatever the situation, we can arrange it in time.
  • If you are looking for a store cleaning company, now you know where to turn. Our shop cleaning services Dubai can meet all kinds of requests. Do not hesitate to entrust us with classic missions or specific works. We are doing very well in all cases. In addition, for each particular request, we recommend personalized Our team can become your partner for the short or long term. Our staff can intervene in all the stores and shops located in Dubai. Size and surface are not an obstacle for us. These are not the proposals that are missing from us. After the first contact with our collaborators, you will indeed find the service that suits you best. We start work as soon as we agree. Your complete satisfaction depends favourably on it.

The Various Advantages That a Cleaning Company Puts Forward:

Nobody Does It Better Than Us

Shop cleaning services Dubai guarantee the quality of service offered. The skills and qualifications of our employees are up to your expectations. In addition, our team is ready to serve you with great respect for the environment. We always work with eco-labeled products. Nature means a lot to us. Our company is serious, reactive, and dynamic. We can meet all your needs as soon as possible. Our company can satisfy you at best. Moreover, we reserve tailor-made services for all our clients. You only have to present your project, and we offer the best cleaning solutions that correspond to it. 

One Call: Cleans it All

As a shop and office cleaning company, we already know what to expect. You want to keep your place of business clean, and so do we. We are here to help you attract all your prospects and targets. We have a love of a job well done within us. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about that. By cleaning, maintaining, and disinfecting your commercial enclosure, giving you all the help you need. Thanks to our professionalism in cleaning, we can provide you with the appropriate treatments for each support.  

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