Technical Services

When you need an expert to handle the maintenance related work, we step into the scene and get things done for you. We are here to help you with different kind of technical services that you need and guarantee quality results with our trained and dedicated handymen. Find the right maintenance service below and forget about the problem for good.

Plumbing & Sanitary Services

New Omniyat specializes in providing smart Emergency Plumbing Services In Dubai and sanitary services to meet your variable plumbing or sani...

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AC Maintenance Services Dubai

We offer AC ventilation and air filtration solutions to meet your variable requirement not only on residential but on an industrial scale wi...

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Painting Services

When your painting requirements vary according to a wide array of premises, we step in to provide you our Professional Painting Services Dub...

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Carpentry & Flooring Contracting

New Omniyat has been actively providing its carpentry and flooring contracting services in Dubai to variable types of customers that are see...

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Best Maintenance Services Dubai

New Omniyat  specializes in providing electromechanical installation and Maintenance Services Dubai in a flexible Service Structure to meet...

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Partition & False Ceilings Contracting

New Omniyat helps you in giving your premise the right shape and best view with its Gypsum Partition Services In Dubai and false ceilings co...

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Wallpaper Fixing Services

New Omniyat is a reliable name when you require smart Wallpaper Fixing Services Dubai to restore the beauty of your premises. We offer a wid...

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Floor & Wall Fixing Services

We understand the value of a flawless floor and wall that adds weight to your premise with its fine finish and attractiveness. So we designe...

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