Newomniyat is the home for ultimate house help services in Dubai. We always care to provide you with the services you need. Knowing your requirements for a good and reliable maid services in Dubai, we bring you professionals. Keeping your House clean and getting extra help for gatherings is more accessible now with our services.


Professional maid services in Dubai by Newomniyat are reliable and trusted. We understand your concerns about your house security and belongings. It’s the reason we provide you with the most reliable and fact-checked services.

All the maids we have hired and listed are trustworthy and have a transparent background. These verified professionals are dedicated to their job. Along with transparency, they are professional in performing all household tasks perfectly.

Best Maid Services for Every Task

At Newomniyat, you can find maid services for every task in House. We are accommodating for every possible job you may have to perform in-house. The services are designed to accommodate

  • House cleaning
  • Vial cleaning and maintenance
  • Flat or apartment cleaning

Moreover, we have designed a range of services dedicated to your needs. You can select the need-based service option or even customize the services.

  • Full-time house help
  • Part-time house help
  • Alternative days house help
  • Special event house help
  • Customized house help

Following are the typical jobs they can handle:

  • Cleaning
  • Cooking
  • Washing
  • Dusting
  • Organizing
  • Wardrobe management
  • House organization

Furthermore, the professional maid services in Dubai let you access unlimited other services that help to keep the House clean and managed.

Making House help affordable

Can maid services be expensive and hard to get? With Newomniyat, it’s not. We enable you to get affordable maid services for your regular and specialized chores. It’s simple and friendly to access the best maid services Dubai with us.

We work on flexible and affordable pricing options for you. It involves helping you with unlimited options to reduce the overall cost of maids in the House. Try the flexibility of services and plans to get these low-cost options.

Get Your Requirement

Our team will get your requirement for the maid. It will include the number of maids, duration of services, type of service, and tenure of service. Moreover, if you have any specialized needs, we are always there to accommodate them.

Match the Appropriate Resources

After getting your requirements, we head towards matching the appropriate resources. We need to connect you to the professional who fits in for the job, and best serves you. We pay attention to the person’s compatibility as it’s essential.

Holding in-house interviews

once we shortlist the options from our record, we will interview the selected candidates in-house. It is essential to discuss the job with them and bring them to the same pitch. It’s essential to bring you the right professional.  

Arrange meetings and tours.

If our team finds the person perfect for the job, we arrange a meeting and a house tour. You can meet the help and decide to continue, and then we will provide them with a house tour.

Explain the job in detail.

During the tour, we simultaneously discuss the job details with you and the house help. You have to provide them with details for one time, and professionals will take care of the rest.

Supervise the activities

We provide the best maid services in Dubai because we never keep a blind eye on maids. Our supervisors always keep a check on how our workers are performing. They keep visiting and even reach out to clients for feedback.

We Hire Maids in Dubai Carefully!

At Newomniyat, we confidently provide you with professional maid services in Dubai because we hire the best maids in town. Following the protocol and safety points, we hire only eligible, trained, professional, and trusted maids. It is a great deal for you when having the best maid services.

Get Yourself the ultimate house help.

Need some house help? Do not hesitate to contact Newomniyat and get the most affordable maid services. We are even providing you the emergency maid services along with scheduled ones. Call us now for more information or bookings.