Carpet cleaning is necessary to live a healthy life. However, dust is the main problem all over the UAE. So, it causes accumulation of dust on all surfaces. As a result, it causes indoor air pollution. With time, this issue becomes worse.

Dust becomes a major issue for asthma patients. So, carpet cleaning is important if you want to keep your home air clean and of a high standard.

Though you can clean your carpet on your own, using the traditional vacuum is different from commercial vacuums. Self-cleaning is good, but you can’t remove dirt from all corners. So, it is important to hire Carpet cleaning services in Dubai.

The first step we use for carpet cleaning is mechanical pile lifting. Using this process, we remove the soil from the carpet. In the last, we use a vacuum to remove dirt. After lifting the pile, we carefully examine the carpet.

Then we use a preconditioner to suspend and wash away the soil. After that, we use hot water extraction to soften the carpet fibers. So, newomniyat cleans the remnants.

What Is Included in Carpet & Rug Cleaning Service?

First, we examine your carpet. Then we provide you Best Carpet cleaning services. The traditional way is to use shampoo and sanitizer. Deep cleaning of the carpet can remove stains from each corner. Once we complete the procedure, we allow the carpet to dry.

The following are the services we offer:

On-site examination:

First of all, we visit the client’s home. The Carpet cleaning services in Dubai inspect the carpet for stains and dirt. This way, the team can determine the severity of the stain.


Now, it is the step of pre-cleaning the home by removing furniture. Carpet cleaning services in Dubai clean the carpets on balconies.


Newomniyat uses a vacuumer to vacuum the carpet. This way, we remove all the dust and germs from your carpet.

Spot Treatment:

To remove spots and stains, the Best Carpet cleaning services clean each corner of the carpet.


For the complete cleaning of the carpet, the Carpet cleaning services in Dubai use a shampooing machine. At first, we apply shampoo and then rinse it to remove dust.

Strong suction:

Then we strongly suck the remaining water and dust from the carpet using the cleaner. In the last, Newomniyat  let the carpet dry.

Final verification:

For customer satisfaction, we finally checked the carpet.

Why Choose Newomniyat?

We use high-technology methods to remove allergens, dust, and stains. This way, we clean the environment for your family. Once we completely clean your home, it can remove the smell. So kids and pets can breathe in a clean environment.

newomniyat cleans each corner of the carpet to remove dust and dirt. As a result, it leaves little moisture on the carpet. So, your carpet will dry soon.


When you want to clean your home, it might become difficult for you because of many children. It means you don’t have time to clean on your own. So, to spend time with your family, you can hire newomniyat.The company can save you time and effort.

Don’t waste your time and reserve quality cleaning services from our company. We assure you a dirt and germ-free home. Besides, we also save you from a lot of tiring tasks which you want more from Carpet cleaning services in Dubai.


The Best Carpet cleaning services can clean pet messes if you have a pet. However, the fur of pets can easily stick to the carpet. Therefore it becomes difficult to clean the carpet. But a professional company can do it.

Investing in the Right Carpet Cleaning Company

Though finding the right Carpet cleaning services in Dubai is difficult. But you can consider some factors and find the right one when it comes to cleaning your home. Then it is necessary to take help from a professional company. It is good to hire a company with a good reputation.

When you visit the official site of newomniyat, you can schedule an appointment with us. This way, you can learn more about cleaning services. For more information, you can contact us. We assure you will like our services!


What does carpet cleaning involve?

Carpet cleaning involves the removal of stains, germs, dirt, and allergens. The most common way of cleaning is hot water extraction, dry cleaning, and vacuuming.

What can I expect from a professional carpet cleaner?

You can expect the following from the Best Carpet cleaning services:

  • Vacuuming the carpet 
  • Pre-treatment of carpet to break down dirt
  • Removal of stains
  • Hot water extraction 

Which is the best method to clean carpets?

The best way to clean the carpet is steam cleaning. This way, you can remove almost 90% dust and germs from the carpet. Dry cleaning is also important to ensure carpets are ready for foot traffic.

Is it worth getting carpets cleaned professionally?

Carpets accumulate a lot of pollens, bacteria, allergens, and dust all over the year. So, if you don’t clean the carpet by hiring the Best Carpet cleaning services, then it can cause many respiratory issues.