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Feel your home is getting dirty and is decluttered, and all your apartment or villa needs deep cleaning services then whether you would live anywhere in Dubai, we provide the best specialized deep cleaning services for you. Among all the best sofa and carpet cleaning services providers in UAE, New Omiyat is a professional company that deep cleans your property. Using the steam cleaning equipment, our equipment removes the grease and grime to a maximum extent. This method of deep cleaning is more effective as it uses chemical sprays and is chemically proven. Our steam cleaning methods are also best for removing the stains from the sofas and carpets. It leaves no residue and generates an eco-friendly environment. A growing number of clients in the UAE are enjoying the benefits of using deep cleaning services  in dubai.


When it comes to Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai, you can find only New Omniyat for proficient cleaning services. If you need cleaning services in Dubai like rug cleaning or tile cleaning and don’t compromise on quality, then it results in tidy and clean results. Perfection is the main part when there is an issue of client satisfaction. Let the experts at Dubai clean your dirty property. Our cleaning crew makes sure that your new home must look spotless and sparkling with new cleaning methods. When you move out from an apartment or you are demanding a clean and tidy environment in your home, you need deep cleaning and also need professional deep cleaning services for that. We clean bathrooms, fixtures, microwaves, and counters with full dedication and devotion. We also cater Sofa and Carpet Cleaning Services to all our clients to give maximum satisfaction levels. 

Sofa Cleaning Services Delivering by New Omniyat

 After a hard day at work, the first thing that you need to be considered is just sitting on your relaxing sofa and browsing the channels. When you feel so cozy and relaxed you always wonder how much pollution your sofa is emitting? Dust mites, bacteria, and dirt particles pollute your sofa and that dust particles accumulate to make it dusty. Thus, to extend the life of your sofa and to make it a clean and tidy one you must have to hire professional services for cleaning up your sofa. Our professional cleaners mop, sanitize, and do steaming of the sofa and the process goes as under. 

Process of Sofa Cleaning:

 Examining the Sofa 

Our professional team carefully surveys the sofa and examines the fiber used in it. This helps in deciding the cleaning method as well as products to use. 

Removing the Soil 

Once the sofa is surveyed, it is then cleaned with special tools and equipment like an industrial vacuum cleaner to remove dust, sand, and soil. A turbine-driven hand tool is used that vibrates and loosens the dust and dirt to make the surface of the sofa clean. It sucks all the dust and also other solid materials that are stuck to the fabric. 

Removing Spots and Stains:

All the spots or stains are removed using the right chemical agents by the sofa. 

 Spray Treatment

Once the spots and stains are removed using the right chemical agents, an appropriate Cleaning Agent is applied to the sofa. Then it is carefully worked onto the sofa and pre-spray and agitation penetrates the fiber and removes grease and oil. 

Withdrawal of Extra Water 

At this stage, a hot water extraction machine is used which sucks the extra water and cleaning agent and dry the surface.

Sofa And Carpet Cleaning Services Delivering By New Omniyat 

Carpets are among the most charming décor that is used to finish your home or office the most pleasant one. It is due to the feeling of softness and warmth that carpets provide you, especially in the winter season. But rugs and carpets need to be cleaned and must be free from dirt and germs that are accumulated in them. It causes bad indoor air pollution and breathing problems. Normal vacuuming does not remove all the dirt and germs hidden inside the carpet. This always requires a professional company like New Omniyat. We provide professional Sofa and Carpet Cleaning Services at the most affordable prices. 

It is vital to clean your rugs and to improve your home or office hygiene properly. Your carpet must look better and always must feel lighter. Our rug shampooing service and sanitizing service improves the indoor texture quality of the carpet and removes all the carpet smells by neutralizing the carpet odors. It leaves your carpet smelling renewed and clean. Our carpet cleaners in Dubai remove all the mites, germs, and stains from the carpet. Removing the stains and dirt promptly protects your carpet from any outside factor. It makes your life easier when you hire professional cleaning services. We will check your carpet and use carpet cleaning methods. Shampooing and sanitizing the carpet is the most used, safe, and successful technique. For that, we use advanced technology and this removes the stains from the carpet. 

Process of Carpet Cleaning:

Inspection of Carpet

We do inspect the carpet at the customer’s place and our ream checks the rooms with the carpeted floors and tries to know the density of stains on the inspection. 

Pre-cleaning of Carpet

The second step is to remove the furniture out of the way as much as conceivable. We take the moveable carpets to the balcony for proper cleaning. So, this includes the pre-cleaning process

Vacuuming of the Carpet

Our team removes all the soil, sand, or dirt from the surface of the carpet. This is a key to getting the best outcomes. 

Stain Removal Treatment 

 We take care of all the spots and stains that we identified and all the cleaning agents have been used to remove all the spots that need extra care. 

Shampooing of the Carpet

We use a shampooing machine for deep cleaning of the carpet. The machine applies shampoo on the carpet to release any dirt within the fibers. Secondly, it extracts the shampoo and removes the dirt. 

Powerful Pressure of Suction

 The strong suction machine removes all the water left and dirt from the carpet and makes it dry. 

Overall, New Omniyat provides all the Sofa And Carpet Cleaning Services In Dubai as well as proper Deep Cleaning services to your clients on time. We try our level best to maximize our services and give the best outcomes ever. We provide the best Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai and gives the maximum level of comfort to our clients in this regard.

We are available 24/7 and you can call us or visit our website whenever you want. 

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