Top 5 Sofa Cleaning Errors and Mistakes to Avoid

Sofas are part of any lounge, sitting area, bedroom or guest room. So it is more crucial to keep sofas clean. To increase the lifespan of sofas and give them a neat look. It is necessary to clean and dust them regularly.

However, sofa cleaning is an easy process. But still, there are many mistakes which anyone can commit. Here we will discuss these mistakes and the ways to avoid them.

To ensure that your efforts for the clean home and sofa are not wasted. You must keep reading this blog and avoid some common sofa-cleaning errors.


The major sofa cleaning error that you commit is the use of single clothing. It means you dust the entire home, shelves, tables, slabs and sofas with a single cloth. As a result, all the dust of the cloth will stick to the sofa. So the sofa will not look clean.

Instead of this, make sure to have different clothes for different surfaces. Never use a cloth to clean the glass you use to clean wood.


Always keep different clothes and a duster to wipe out different rooms. Make sure to keep a duster to clean kitchen counters. Similarly, keep different dusters to clean the dining table. It is good to use soft material clothes to clean glass surfaces. This way, you can avoid cleaning pitfalls.


Many people start moping and wiping from the floor. But it is not a good idea. You always need to dust your shelves and all upper surfaces. Otherwise, dust will again come to the floor, and all your efforts will waste. Here professionals of New Omniyat help by starting from top to bottom.


Always clean the furniture, ceiling, shelves and tables. Then clean racks, drawers and cupboards. After that, go to mopping, vacuuming and wiping off the floor. So save your efforts and time.


Most people mix different chemicals and think these will be effective. But actually, it is among the major sofa cleaning errors. Using different chemicals means more risk to your sofas. So avoid mixing chemicals to protect your home and family.

Never mix ammonia, bleach and detergent to clean the floor and surfaces. Commonly people consider it an effective hack, but actually, it is a cleaning pitfall.


Though the internet is the right way to get information for sofa cleaning, getting less information may cause damage.

So you must learn all the pros and cons of each chemical. If you don’t know which product is used for which purpose? So don’t test it and ask New Omniyat to help you.


Spilling incidents are common in carpets. Your pet or children may face this accident anytime. So you need to clean the carpet all the time to avoid such incidents. But most people use scrubbing to clean the carpet. It is not a good idea because scrubbing can expand the stains.


Rather than scrubbing, use the blotting method. For this, use a  cloth or a dry towel. But use this process carefully and keep the original color shade of your carpet. After this, use the stain remover to remove all the stains. For more help, contact New Omniyat.


Many people don’t consider it a sofa cleaning error. But it is a major mistake that can minimize the lifespan of your cleaning tool. When you don’t clean the tool, it starts accumulating dust and dirt. As a result, the tool will be affected and also spread germs all around.


The proper cleaning technique is the maintenance and cleaning of the tool. Make sure to wash the cleaning cloth after each use. The more days you spend without washing the cloth, means more germs will spread in your home. As a result, these germs will enter your kitchen, then food and then into your body.

Sponges also have a limited lifespan. So you must substitute each of them with new ones to avoid the spread of bacteria. These are the favourite place of bacteria because of stuck food in them. So wash them properly daily and replace them as early as possible.


Home cleaning is not as simple as you think. For this, you need to have tools and proper cleaning techniques. Similarly, sofa cleaning may seem easy to you. But actually, it requires effort and the right equipment.

When you don’t consider all these things, it means you are committing mistakes in cleaning your sofa. Here you must ask the professionals of New Omniyat to help you. They will use the right techniques and tools. This way, they will give a long lifespan to your sofas.