How to Start a House Cleaning Service? Step-by-Step Guide

Maybe you don’t think so, but many people find it challenging to clean homes. Some people are much busy in daily life that they don’t have time to clean their homes. It is why there is much demand for cleaning companies all over Dubai.

The experts of New Omniyat keep your home clean and spotless. Read more to know about the tips for starting a cleaning company.

Step-by-Step Guide – How to Start a House Cleaning Service?


1.                  Do the Initial Cleaning Jobs Yourself:

Maybe you think of staff before starting the house cleaning services. This is the main worry that many new businessmen have to face. But it is always a good idea to start a new cleaning company by working yourself without staff.

This way, you may learn more about home and office cleaning. You may also ask your friends and family members to help you as a staff.

2.                  Set a Reasonable Cleaning Company Budget:

Commonly people ask whether they may start a new cleaning company without money. Some ask whether they need to take a loan to start a cleaning company. In comparison, some ask what budget they need to set to start a company.

The answer to all questions is that each businessman must have a high budget to start a cleaning company. It does not mean you have to provide services at high rates. It means a high budget to start a company but make sure to deliver services at a reasonable budget. Ask New Omniyat to help you in starting a new company of house cleaner.

Investing in a cleaning company gives you a better return. But first, you need to have maintenance tools and fuel costs. That is why it is necessary to set the budget under which you want to start a company.

3.                  Decide What Cleaning Equipment to Purchase:

How to start a house cleaning service? After setting the budget, it is time to decide which equipment you need. Not only equipment but make sure to decide which products will work best in homes and offices. Consider the cost of each product and equipment in the final budget. The necessary products and equipment may be spray bottles, gloves, towels, disposable papers, scrubbers, and sponges.

4.                  Pick a Brand Name for Your New Cleaning Company:

You can’t start a company without a name. Have you ever heard of a company without a name? Obviously, each new company first chooses the brand name. Similarly, you also need to choose the name according to the house cleaning services you will deliver.

The name may be something funny, nickname, or any other type. Moreover, always clarify which services you will offer. Follow the given below tips to choose the right name for your company:

  • Easy name
  • Something new that has not been used before
  • Sounds better

You may get some suggestions online or from your friends and family members. Besides, choose the right name to avoid any legal issues.

5.                  Proper Setup Licensing for Your Cleaning Business:

How to start a house cleaning service? After choosing the title for your company, you need to register the company. The requirements for registration may vary based on the state. So, always consider fulfilling the requirements of the state. After that, apply for the license of your company.


You must be wondering to know how to start a home cleaning service. If yes, then first take expert advice before restarting your profession. Well! It is the best job to do because many people hire cleaning services.

Make sure to communicate well with your clients through phone calls, emails, and voicemails. You may also contact and build a strong relationship with your clients through social platforms. Hopefully, you will soon boost your cleaning business just like New Omniyat. Moreover, they will guide you on how you can start your house-cleaning projects!


What is the success rate of cleaning businesses?

Research showed that almost 69% of house cleaning services take two years to survive. In comparison, the rate may drop to 50% after five years.

Can cleaners make a lot of money?

Yes, cleaners may make a lot of money if they are reliable and have experience. Not only this, the skilled, certified, and trained cleaners may also earn money.

What is a residential cleaning service?

Residential cleaning is a service that you may take from the experts of New Omniyat to clean your home. Not only home, but the experts may also clean your villas, apartments, and other areas.