The Impact of Shop Cleaning on Customer Satisfaction and Sale

A clean space, whether a shop or any other commercial place, has a better impact on customers. This impact may be positive or negative based on the condition of the shop. After visiting the place and checking its cleanliness, customers decide. The decision may be whether they should shop from your shop or leave. It is the main reason every shop owner considers shop cleaning services.

With the passing of time, customers’ shopping behavior is changing. Now customers want to shop from a clean store for a better experience. Not only this, customers are looking for retailers to shop for the required product.

This gives better benefits to retailers. So, they have an excellent chance to improve brand awareness with their online presence. Not only online but they are also focusing more on offline presence. They try to give good customer service and experience. So, happy customers will surely recommend their shops.

Why Should People Invest in Shop Cleaning Services?

 A clean shop is a major role player in boosting sales. A survey showed that almost 98% of customers return without shopping. It is all because of the bad hygiene and lack of cleanliness in the store. Obviously, customers don’t want to go again to stores with dirty bathrooms.

Some other reasons which may stop customers from entering a store are:

  • Dirty floors
  • Slicks
  • Blemishes
  • Dirty surfaces and mirrors
  • Dirty windows

The interesting thing is that customers prefer these factors a lot. This priority is more than customer service. Another study showed that customers avoid retailers if they see them dirty from the outside. Here New Omniyat helps retailers and shop owners look clean from the outside.

The Importance of retail cleanliness

Are you a retailer or a shop owner and want to get a good customer experience? Well!

Make sure to keep your store neat and clean. Not only cleaning, maintenance and organizing also affect a lot.

Remember that you can’t clean your shop the way customers like. So, hire the shop cleaning services and keep your shop clean. The experts of the company know the value of a clean shop. So, they regularly visit and clean your shop, bathrooms and other areas.

Are you worried because of bad hygiene and low revenue?

Whether you are an owner of a café, restaurant, store or shop. You always want to keep your customers visiting you and shopping for you. Maybe it doesn’t become the case, and the customer doesn’t come again. What is the reason behind it? Obviously, bad hygiene and a dirty shop. Both these factors leave a high impact than bad customer service. I

n this case, New Omniyat has a cleaning staff. They care for the good hygiene and expectations of customers. So, they use different reliable and approved products for shop cleaning.

The cleaning staff assures you of clean bathrooms with no smell. They know that customers always demand clean space to invest their money.

FACT: A study showed that almost 87% of people want a clean place to spend money. In comparison, 9% of people want a hygienic staff to shop again. It is why each shop owner must have a clean staff and educate them about hygiene.

Not only this, but the cleaning standards should also impose on each shop. 

Benefits of a clean retail unit

  • A clean shop keeps the old customers and brings new ones. It means you may earn a lot of revenue.
  • After hiring the shop cleaning services, owners may get a high-quality and clean shop.
  • Hiring a commercial cleaning company is more useful. The company has all tools, expertise, materials and products.
  • A reputable company adds value to the shop and improves sales.


When you don’t know which areas need more cleaning, you have no idea of things to do to have a positive effect on customers. Then don’t overthink and hire New Omniyat. The company is the most well-known service provider in the UAE.

It has much more experience and a cleaning staff. They care for your needs and create a clean space. They know how they may leave a better impact on customers.

The following are some areas where these experts focus more:

  • Entrance
  • Windows
  • Bathrooms
  • Fitting rooms
  • High touch areas

Having the shop cleaning services help you to bring more customers. The experts perfectly did the job. So, make a call now and hire the experts to keep your shop neat and clean!