Tips for Preparing Your Villa for a Cleaning Service Visit

Looking for cleaners to help you and give your family a clean home? A clean home or a villa is a necessity to live healthily. No matter whether your villa is small or large. You always need to care for the cleanliness. Obviously, due to a busy schedule, you don’t have much time to invest in cleaning.

Here New Omniyat must be your first bet. After hiring the company, you don’t need to overload yourself. Just prepare your villa for the company visit.

Let’s discuss some tips to prepare your home:

1.     Prepare Your Bed/Bedding:

Wash your bed blanket to keep it clean and germ-free. After washing, prepare your bed. Never keep your bed unmade. It not only looks bad but also your cleaners will not make it for you. It is not their duty to make your bed.

For washing your beds, find the right place where you may easily wash them. While if you have asked the villa cleaning services to make your bed. Keep all the bedding items in line. It will help cleaners easily find bedding and set the bed.

2.     Clean Off the Counters:

No home cleaner has any idea where to keep items in the kitchen and bathroom counters. So you have to do it to make the cleaning process easier for cleaners. Before the arrival of cleaners, set and clean all the counters.

Put up the toothbrush holders and other decorative items from the counters. It will help cleaners to carefully clean counters.

3.     No Food & Dishes Mess:

Never leave the food items out to create a mess and hurdles for the cleaning process. You pay cleaners of New Omniyat to completely clean your home. It does not mean you are paying them to throw off food or put it in the refrigerator.

4.     Clutter Be Gone:

Look around the entire home and collect all the accumulated clutter. It may be in the form of clothes, blankets and other things. It is easy for you to throw things here and there. But it is not easy for your cleaners to collect all the items because of lack of time.

5.     Communication Is Key:

Communicate with villa cleaning services before asking them to arrive at your home. So you will better understand what they can do and what they can’t. If you consider cleaners have no expertise in cleaning the villa. Don’t go for such a company and find another.

Provide the list of duties your cleaners need to perform. Show them this list and ask if they may cover all the tasks professionally.

6.     No food or dishes mess:

Throwing off leftover food and putting other food items in the refrigerator is not stressful. It just requires less time. Never keep dirty dishes in the sink.

Cleaners of New Omniyat don’t know what to do with food items. You also don’t pay them to wash the dirty dishes. So they will not touch dirty dishes or food items. As a result, your half kitchen will be dirty and need cleaning again.

7.     Put your personal belongings away:

Keep your personal items, such as jewellery, in a safe place. Otherwise, your items will be lost during the moving things. So you will blame the villa cleaning services. Besides, many personal items may become the victim of vacuuming, dusting and mopping.

8.     Secure your pets:

Pets may spread mess again and again in your home. So keep pets secure and away from the home. Otherwise, they will become a major hurdle in the cleaning process.


Reliable villa cleaning services always understand the value of things and a clean home. But the experts don’t know what you want to keep and what you want to put in the garbage bag. It is the main issue that many home cleaners face. So keep all the necessary items aside before they reach. This way, you may save your items and help cleaners to clean your home easily.

Moreover, a ready-to-clean home gives you a better cleaning experience. In comparison, a not ready-to-clean home will not give you the results that you expect. Now you got an idea of what tips will help you to make home cleaning easy for you and your cleaners. After preparing your home, you may call the cleaners of New Omniyat!