Ultimate Guide: 9 Effective and Useful Cleaning Tips

Nobody likes to clean their home. Nobody wants to invest their time in home cleaning every day. However, we all like to have a clean and safe living environment. But how can we maintain a clean house? How can we start up with long-term and effective home cleaning which doesn’t require much time?

Well! Most of us don’t know how and where to invest our money and time when it comes to home cleaning. We wonder where to start up rather than first clean the kitchen or bathrooms. No worries!

We are here to guide you about effective cleaning tips that allow you to clean your living area fast. However, you can ask professional cleaners and help like New Omniyat to properly disinfect and sanitize your entire home once or twice a month!

Let’s proceed with the effective cleaning hacks that can make your life easier!

Cleaning Tips to Consider for Maintaining a Safe Living Environment

Cleaning can be a hectic task for job holders or those who are running a business. The New Omniyat expert team can also help those living in UAE with their effective cleaning plans.

The basic purpose of our blog is to make people aware of go-to cleaning hacks that work like magic. Follow these cleaning tips to make the entire cleaning process easy!

1.     Clean the Entire House Once a Month:

Instead of cleaning just one room at a time, clean the entire house instead. Cleaning is much more effective when you focus on a single task and do it in each room. Most common cleaning tasks include such as dusting, vacuuming, or moping.

When you follow it this way, you won’t feel like you’re stuck in a never-ending cleaning process, starting the same task over and over.

2.     Gather Cleaning Tools:

Put all of your essential cleaning tools in a caddy, bucket, or tote. It becomes easier and requires less time to get the job done when everything you need to clean is in one place that can be moved. While cleaning, you won’t have to waste time looking for tools and won’t have to worry about gathering them before the next round.

3.     Clear the Mess:

Before you even begin cleaning, go from space to room and get the messiness. Consider whether you should put each thing away, toss it, or donate it as you pick it up—old sneakers, well-read paperbacks, magazines.

4.     Vacuum and Remove Dust First:

Before you begin, ensure that ceiling fans are turned off. Focus your tidying on the head points of furniture and the undersides of racks, on handrails, photo placements, trinkets, and television screens. Tie the large microfiber cloth to the end of a broom or mop for difficult-to-reach areas like upper shelves and blinds.

5.     Wipe Mirrors and Glass:

Clean the glass and mirrors with a damp microfiber cloth. Even you can use a dry one to clean all glass and mirror surfaces. Mirrors are the most essential and highly noticeable items that reflect the cleanness of your home. So it is essential to always clean them up.

6.     Clean Countertops and Other Surfaces:

This is one of the most essential cleaning tips for working people. Wipe down all of the hard-to-reach surfaces in your home. Always clean cabinets, countertops, appliances, doorknobs, light switches, television remotes, and telephones.

You need to clean a portion of those surfaces, especially the ones that could convey microbes to all hidden places. By combining one-fourth to one-half cup of water with white or apple cider vinegar, you can make a nontoxic disinfectant.

7.     Clear the Floors and Clean with a Mop:

Clear the kitchen and washroom floors. Move backward toward the doorway as you begin mopping from each corner of the room. Every time you finish a 4-by-4-foot space, rinse the mop with clean water. You can add vinegar to remove all bacteria and unhygienic particles.

8.     Always Move At the Time of Vacuuming:

Try not to take stress over getting everywhere when you start vacuuming. Simply proceed through the house in a single pass, vacuuming each carpeted room. There is no need to vacuum the entire home every day.

9.     Make Cleaning Home a Group Activity:

One of the best ways for effective cleaning is to make it a group effort by cleaning together. Make a date with your family in advance and delegate responsibilities to each member. Grouping can add enjoyment to cleaning. Also, your home will shimmer in a matter of moments.


Cleaning is a necessary task that helps us maintain a clean and healthy living environment. In this ultimate guide, we have explored effective and useful cleaning tips. These cleaning hacks can make the process more efficient and enjoyable.

From creating a cleaning schedule to using natural cleaning products, these tips are designed to save you time. You can now make less effort while achieving outstanding results. You can even hire the expert cleaners of New Omniyat to make your home and workspaces clean and sanitized!