Cleaning Services in Dubai Suitable for All Cleaning Needs

Newomniyat is a one-stop solution for all your needs for cleaning services in Dubai. We understand the importance of a clean and well-maintained place. We have a set of services covering all the cleaning options and jobs.

We are the people to reach out to whenever you need to maintain your space with some extra care and cleanliness. Our experts and professional cleaning methods bring a new shine to your place. From hygiene to maintenance, we are the people who can save your valuable asset at an affordable price.

Cleaning Services We Offer!

At Newomniyat, we are specialized in providing you with the best cleaning services Dubai for every space and location. Our specialization ranges from commercial to residential, offering you deep cleaning, dedicated cleaning, and more cleaning services. You name the cleaning project, and we will do it for you with expertise and professionalism.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial spaces are challenging to maintain. These are the center of attention and attraction for many people. Everyone comes here, from consumers to businessmen, and the footfall is at its peak. Maintenance and cleaning for commercial spaces are crucial and hard to manage. However, our best cleaning services Dubai extensively cover commercial areas. We know the prerequisites of commercial cleaning and ensure quality results for you.

Newomniyat covers all commercial spaces from hotels, plazas, malls, offices, and more for commercial cleaning. With the dedicated commercial cleaning service, we fulfil the requirements of the commercial places to be clean and well maintained. We offer everything from floor cleaning to glass cleaning and deep cleaning to regular cleaning and maintenance services.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services in Dubai uphold the Characteristics of:

  • Dedicated cleaning team
  • Regular and quality cleaning operations
  • All commercial equipment to clean buildings from the inside out
  • Offers the best prices
  • Cover all cleaning solutions for commercial places

Residential Cleaning

Lifestyle in Dubai is hard to maintain. People living in bungalows and villas have specific requirements for cleaning and maintenance. They need to keep the best lifestyle and clean up at the same time. We offer cheap cleaning services Dubai for all residential clients who want to maintain their apartments, villa, and houses. With the same professionalism and expertise, we offer cleaning services for residential clients covering everything from a routine cleaning service to maid services, deep cleaning, and much more.

Newomniyat is taking residential cleaning services to the next level with its quality services. We do not compromise on the best delivery of services and make sure to come up with the right results for the clients in need. With our residential cleaning service, you can get the following:

  • Dedicated cleanup for residential spaces
  • Indoor and outdoor cleaning services
  • Trustworthy cleaning or regular learning service
  • Maid or property care services

Move in, Move Out Cleaning Service

Among our range of services, we offer you professional cleaning services in Dubai for moving in and out. In Dubai, it is mandatory to have a cleaning service before you get settled in place or leave the last site. The reason is simple, you need to maintain the space to its standards, and our move-in or move-out services let you make it happen.

Our professional cleaners take care of every corner of the space, ensuring you a pleasant and perfectly clean. Whether commercial or residential, we specialize in cleaning the area and giving it a perfect look. The service is valid for the tenants and owners as well. We serve you with dedication and concern no matter which party you are.

Types of Cleaning Service Cover For You!

Deep Cleaning:

Cleaning up a place from every corner and giving you a crystal clear every inch of the location. It includes complete sanitization, cleanup, dirt and drib removal, and much more. 

Carpet Cleaning:
Cleaning all the carpet installations at commercial or residential locations. Moreover, it offers dedicated carpet cleaning with proper care, not leaving any mark on your carpet without damaging it.

Sofa Cleaning:

Furniture cleaning service to make your furniture infection accessible and remove all the dirt or strain from it. We are specialized in handling furniture of all kinds.

Curtain Cleaning:

Specialized curtain cleaning service is offered on location or at our cleaning warehouse. Clean the curtains just as new and give them a new life.

Regular maid or Janitor services – offering regular maid services for residential places and janitorial services for commercial locations and helping you to maintain your space at its best with professionals.

Why Choose Newomniyat Cleaning Services in Dubai?

Getting cheap cleaning services Dubai by Newomniyat should be your ultimate choice. It is not because we have served the industry for years but our quality service characteristics. We offer you some extensive service features you cannot have at any other place in Dubai.

Expert Methods of Cleaning

The experts in cleaning offer our professional kneeing services in Dubai. They have the experience to clean up any space according to its location, installation, and condition. They know their job as best and offer you the proper outcomes.

Municipality Approves Chemicals

Our approved and certified chemicals are Animal and human-friendly. We clean your place and leave it life-friendly. Moreover, these organic chemicals do not have any harmful impact on the environment, so we are participating in saving the planet.

ISO Certified

Our services are ISO certified as we meet all international standards of cleaning and maintenance services. We keep your and our worker’s safety a priority, earning us the best awards.

Regular and Promising Services

We have been serving in the cleaning industry for years. It is the reason we are known for quality services. We have your back for life by offering you regular and contract-based cleaning services.

Best in Price

Newomniyat not only offers you cheap cleaning services Dubai, but these are best priced. We are affordable at a cost that fits every budget allowing you to enjoy the best services at the right price.

Get Professional Cleaning Services In Dubai NOW!

Do you need a cleanup of your space? If yes, do not delay it anymore and reach out to Newomniyat for the best and most good cleaning services in Dubai. We let you experience the ultimate cleaning service with numerous benefits. Call us now, or let us call you!