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Professional Ways to Deep Clean Your Sofa and Carpet

Best Cleaning Services

Feel your home is getting dirty and is decluttered, and all your apartment or villa needs deep cleaning services then whether you would live anywhere in Dubai, we provide the best specialized deep cleaning services for you. Among all the best sofa and carpet cleaning services providers in UAE, New Omiyat is a professional company that deep cleans your property. Using the steam cleaning equipment, our equipment removes the grease and grime to a maximum extent. This method of deep cleaning is more effective as it uses chemical sprays and is chemically proven. Our steam cleaning methods are also best for removing the stains from the sofas and carpets. It leaves no residue and generates an eco-friendly environment. A growing number of clients in the UAE are enjoying the benefits of using deep cleaning services  in dubai.


When it comes to Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai, you can find only New Omniyat for proficient cleaning services. If you need cleaning services in Dubai like rug cleaning or tile cleaning and don’t compromise on quality, then it results in tidy and clean results. Perfection is the main part when there is an issue of client satisfaction. Let the experts at Dubai clean your dirty property. Our cleaning crew makes sure that your new home must look spotless and sparkling with new cleaning methods. When you move out from an apartment or you are demanding a clean and tidy environment in your home, you need deep cleaning and also need professional deep cleaning services for that. We clean bathrooms, fixtures, microwaves, and counters with full dedication and devotion. We also cater Sofa and Carpet Cleaning Services to all our clients to give maximum satisfaction levels. 

Sofa Cleaning Services Delivering by New Omniyat

 After a hard day at work, the first thing that you need to be considered is just sitting on your relaxing sofa and browsing the channels. When you feel so cozy and relaxed you always wonder how much pollution your sofa is emitting? Dust mites, bacteria, and dirt particles pollute your sofa and that dust particles accumulate to make it dusty. Thus, to extend the life of your sofa and to make it a clean and tidy one you must have to hire professional services for cleaning up your sofa. Our professional cleaners mop, sanitize, and do steaming of the sofa and the process goes as under. 

Process of Sofa Cleaning:

 Examining the Sofa 

Our professional team carefully surveys the sofa and examines the fiber used in it. This helps in deciding the cleaning method as well as products to use. 

Removing the Soil 

Once the sofa is surveyed, it is then cleaned with special tools and equipment like an industrial vacuum cleaner to remove dust, sand, and soil. A turbine-driven hand tool is used that vibrates and loosens the dust and dirt to make the surface of the sofa clean. It sucks all the dust and also other solid materials that are stuck to the fabric. 

Removing Spots and Stains:

All the spots or stains are removed using the right chemical agents by the sofa. 

 Spray Treatment

Once the spots and stains are removed using the right chemical agents, an appropriate Cleaning Agent is applied to the sofa. Then it is carefully worked onto the sofa and pre-spray and agitation penetrates the fiber and removes grease and oil. 

Withdrawal of Extra Water 

At this stage, a hot water extraction machine is used which sucks the extra water and cleaning agent and dry the surface.

Sofa And Carpet Cleaning Services Delivering By New Omniyat 

Carpets are among the most charming décor that is used to finish your home or office the most pleasant one. It is due to the feeling of softness and warmth that carpets provide you, especially in the winter season. But rugs and carpets need to be cleaned and must be free from dirt and germs that are accumulated in them. It causes bad indoor air pollution and breathing problems. Normal vacuuming does not remove all the dirt and germs hidden inside the carpet. This always requires a professional company like New Omniyat. We provide professional Sofa and Carpet Cleaning Services at the most affordable prices. 

It is vital to clean your rugs and to improve your home or office hygiene properly. Your carpet must look better and always must feel lighter. Our rug shampooing service and sanitizing service improves the indoor texture quality of the carpet and removes all the carpet smells by neutralizing the carpet odors. It leaves your carpet smelling renewed and clean. Our carpet cleaners in Dubai remove all the mites, germs, and stains from the carpet. Removing the stains and dirt promptly protects your carpet from any outside factor. It makes your life easier when you hire professional cleaning services. We will check your carpet and use carpet cleaning methods. Shampooing and sanitizing the carpet is the most used, safe, and successful technique. For that, we use advanced technology and this removes the stains from the carpet. 

Process of Carpet Cleaning:

Inspection of Carpet

We do inspect the carpet at the customer’s place and our ream checks the rooms with the carpeted floors and tries to know the density of stains on the inspection. 

Pre-cleaning of Carpet

The second step is to remove the furniture out of the way as much as conceivable. We take the moveable carpets to the balcony for proper cleaning. So, this includes the pre-cleaning process

Vacuuming of the Carpet

Our team removes all the soil, sand, or dirt from the surface of the carpet. This is a key to getting the best outcomes. 

Stain Removal Treatment 

 We take care of all the spots and stains that we identified and all the cleaning agents have been used to remove all the spots that need extra care. 

Shampooing of the Carpet

We use a shampooing machine for deep cleaning of the carpet. The machine applies shampoo on the carpet to release any dirt within the fibers. Secondly, it extracts the shampoo and removes the dirt. 

Powerful Pressure of Suction

 The strong suction machine removes all the water left and dirt from the carpet and makes it dry. 

Overall, New Omniyat provides all the Sofa And Carpet Cleaning Services In Dubai as well as proper Deep Cleaning services to your clients on time. We try our level best to maximize our services and give the best outcomes ever. We provide the best Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai and gives the maximum level of comfort to our clients in this regard.

We are available 24/7 and you can call us or visit our website whenever you want. 

Clean and Presentable Home – Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai

There’s a difference between a standard home cleaning and a deep cleaning service. Deep cleaning requires a thorough cleaning of the interior part of your home. Deep Cleaning Services In Dubai does such, by-the-hands cleanings of your home from top to bottom. The cleaning crew will disinfect and deodorize your kitchen, bathrooms, and living room areas, then they’ll wipe down the stairs, doors, windows, and any other visible areas. They will then sanitize and wipe down the faucets and sinks. Finally, they’ll vacuum your carpets and any other flooring, scrub your tile grout, and use deodorizers throughout your home to leave you scent-free.

In addition to the deep cleaning services in Dubai, there is also a deep air purification treatment for homes in Dubai. The purifier will capture all dust particles and dust mites in your home so that when you open the window or door, no airborne pollutants are released. This prevents allergies and respiratory illnesses from occurring and is beneficial to those with asthma or other respiratory conditions.

Deep Cleaning Service Dubai

Another deep cleaning service in Dubai is that of the house cleaning service. The crew will vacuum and dust your carpets, then wash them in a heated dehumidifier. When everything is rinsed and dried, your carpets and furniture are prepped for the final stage of your beautification in Dubai: The shine! The cleaners will apply a special anti-rust coating to your furniture and carpets, as well as buffing the finish of your glassware. If there is any metal in your furniture pieces, your deep cleaning service provider will melt the rust away using high-pressure steam.

Be Clean and Presentable

Your living room, as everyone probably knows, is where you spend your time with family and friends. The living room is also where you receive your visitors, so it should be clean and presentable at all times. One way to achieve a clean and inviting living room is to hire a professional deep cleaning service in Dubai. A professional crew can apply a clear veneer over your hardwood floors, buff them down to a nice shine, and apply a high-gloss finish on your walls and windows. They will also provide lighting adjustments to create a relaxing atmosphere inside your living room.

Bathroom Cleaning

In addition to carpeting and furniture, a deep cleaning service in Dubai includes the cleaning of your bathroom. You want to keep your bathroom clean and free of dust. The cleaners will use specialized equipment, such as dryers, vacuums, and brushes, to remove all kinds of dirt, molds, and bacteria from the walls and floors of your bathroom. Once the bathroom is completely clean, the cleaners will then depart to make sure that your kitchen, too, is kept clean and free from dust.

Hire A Deep Cleaning Service in Dubai

When hiring a deep cleaning service in Dubai, you will have your bathrooms cleaned by professionals who utilize a variety of disinfection methods. First, they use a high-pressure water method to disinfect your baseboards. Then, the entire area will be steam or even vapor-sealed to kill any germs or bacteria. Finally, dehumidifiers are used to remove excess moisture from the air and replace it with dry air. Dehumidifiers also help to remove odors and moisture from the air, which will help you feel more comfortable while using the rooms of your house.

Kitchen Cleaning

Bathrooms aren’t the only places in your home where you will see a professional cleaning team. Kitchens in Dubai have become a source of pride among many of the residents. Kitchens now feature steam chambers, deep cleaning machines, and other modern conveniences that can make for a more pleasant experience. If you are considering getting your kitchen cleaned in Dubai, speak to a professional deep cleaning company that has experience in all things relating to kitchen maintenance. Not only will they provide you with the best services possible, but they can also help you keep the environment safe.

Steam cleaning services, as well as other types of deep carpet and tile cleaning services, can also be provided by professional, deep cleaning services in Dubai. If you want your bathroom to sparkle and shine like new, then it’s time to call a professional service.

deep cleaning services in dubai

Office Cleaning Services In Dubai – Process Explained

Offices in Dubai can be tidy, but if the dust is not regularly removed from the office, it can lead to harmful effects. A clean environment is very essential for the productivity of the employees. New Omniyat, an Office Cleaning Services In Dubai company offers the best services to corporate clients in Dubai. They follow the strict rules and regulations provided by the government to maintain the cleanliness of the office environment.

To have a healthy and safe working environment, every company must comply with health and safety measures. This applies to the offices as well as the reception areas. Most of the office cleaning services in Dubai follow international standards and so there is nothing to worry about. The team of experts ensures that the work environment is free from any dust particles and hence the employees can concentrate on the task at hand. They use modern techniques for dust removal, which is safe for the workers and the surroundings. These professional office cleaning services Dubai provides all the facilities to its clientele so that they can keep the working environment healthy and comfortable.

Professional Team of Dedicated Professionals

The office cleaning services Dubai offer come with a professional team of dedicated cleaners who follow the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. It ensures that every employee in the concerned organization receives an equal chance to work in the company without feeling any kind of discomfort or hassle due to their health conditions. This is the reason why many organizations prefer to avail the services of professional cleaning companies in Dubai.

Environmentally Friendly Process

Another important aspect of office cleaning services in Dubai is that the process is environmentally friendly. Unlike other cleaning companies in Dubai, which use harmful chemicals, New Omniyat uses only natural methods for office cleaning services in Dubai. This is important as most people around the world suffer from allergies and sensitivities. If office cleaning in Dubai can effectively prevent these allergies from affecting employees and clients alike, it will surely save them a lot of money. This is especially true during the peak season, where temperatures can reach up to 48 degrees Celsius.

Checks and Balances

A good office cleaning company in Dubai also uses a system of checks and balances to ensure the safety of its staff and clients. Office cleaning services Dubai ensures that all the office equipment is in working condition. Everything that is used in an office is sterilized to prevent germs from circulating. The office machines are cleaned using machines that have been calibrated and are fully operational. Any office equipment found inside the offices is cleaned, washed, and disinfected after each use.

Simple Process

One of the best office cleaning services, Dubai offers is floor cleaning. Dirty floors can be very hard to clean, which is why office cleaning services Dubai has a team of professionals that can do the job for you. They start by sweeping the floor and mopping it to remove any dust particles that may be present. Then the floors are swept again and mopped with more sweeping and mopping until the entire floor is clear. This leaves a very shiny floor to work on. Professional office cleaning services in Dubai are also available to help you get the best value for cash. Whether your business requires weekly or daily cleaning, you can achieve a lot by choosing the right cleaning company for your workplace.

Some of the finest professional cleaning companies offer waste collection services. This means you can remove dust from your workplace every day or on weekends, so cleaning it up later is easy. Many offer special packages that include cleaning floors and carpets.

Increase Overall Profitability of Your Business

All of these benefits make it ideal for businesses looking to meet their “clean workplace” requirements. It is one of the many tools that companies can use to increase overall profitability during these tough economic times. Major cleanup in Dubai may seem like the only clean-up needed, but far from it. Even small businesses can save time and money by hiring New Omniyat office cleaning services to clean the office. Another benefit of hiring a professional cleaning company is the safety you can experience knowing your workplace is safe and secure. A clean office helps employees stay motivated and satisfied.

All office cleaning services in Dubai provide as much cleanliness as a professional company, so you should not worry about spending big money on professional cleaning services. The quality of work is the same and you should not spend money on things like pesticides. Cleaning is a great way to improve the look of your office and help your employees feel more comfortable. By investing in cleaning services, you can be sure that you are making the best productive decision for your company.

office cleaning services in dubai

Give A Modern Look to Your Property with the Best Painting Services in Dubai

New Omniyat’s painting services in Dubai have a long list of happy customers who swear by the high-quality work they receive. So, you just have to call us and we’ll do the work for you! We offer complete domestic and commercial painting services in Dubai. If you are planning to give your home or office a makeover, you can count on us to help! Painting services in Dubai are one of our most sought-after Residential and Commercial Painting Services in the UAE. We have been providing quality residential and commercial painting services since our inception in Dubai. We use the best quality of paints available and the expert technical know-how to deliver the best possible end product. Here’s what you can expect from our top painting services in Dubai.

Painters in Dubai specialize in wall and ceiling painting services as well as indoor painting. Most of our skilled painters are trained ex-professionals who have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. They possess years of experience and their work is always fresh and interesting. Thus, your walls and ceilings will always be beautiful and appealing with our painters!

Renovate Commercial and Residential Spaces

Painting Companies in Dubai specialize in designing and renovating commercial and residential spaces. Our experienced and hardworking interior decorators and exterior painters will create a setting that you will love to spend time in. If you want to create an awesome commercial space, you can count on us to get the interior of your dreams done the way you want it done. We have a long list of commercial and domestic clients and referrals that are sure to provide you with the best painting services in Dubai. You can expect our office painting service to include the designs and colors you need to transform any commercial building into a stylish, contemporary, and inviting workplace or retail outlet.

Hire Painting Services in Dubai

When you hire painting services in Dubai, you will be given an overview of the project. From there, you will be able to choose whether you want to hire individuals to do the work for you, or you want to set up a complete office interior design and renovation. There is also no reason to skimp on quality. Our experienced and qualified painters are ready to work on projects of all sizes. So, whether you have just opened a new business or you simply need to renovate your office space, hiring a professional painting services company is the best way to go.

Exterior and Interior Painting

SJ Tech’s painting services in Dubai offer services for exterior and interior painting. If you want to rejuvenate the outside of your building, our skilled and qualified exterior painters can complete a huge variety of projects including re-painting the exterior of your commercial building, adding designing to the landscape, and even paving the driveway. Or perhaps you are thinking about refurbishing the interior of your office space. Hiring professional painters in Dubai that can handle both tasks will save you time, effort, and money.

Give A Modern Look to Your Apartment

Whether you want to give your villa a face-lift or redecorate your apartment, our experienced painting services in Dubai can help. Our expert team of painters includes experienced craftsmen who can handle a variety of projects such as facelifts, brick restoration, floor tile restoration, kitchen renovation, marble restoration, among many others. We can even paint your areas such as bathrooms and bedrooms! Whether you are looking to create a stylish, modern look or modernize an old apartment, our skilled craftsmen and technicians can handle all of these projects with ease.

Individual Area Painting

If you’re looking to decorate your private villa or private apartments, we can accommodate your needs. Whether you want to create a traditional look in the villa or a contemporary one in the apartment, our experienced painting services in Dubai have the right tools and materials for each project. From wall painting to painting the floors and ceilings, our painters have the expertise to create a visually appealing and comfortable living space that you will love! Whether you want your villa painted in neutral colors, or bright colors such as yellow, red, orange, green, blue, and black, our professional painters can cater to your every need.

best painting services in dubai

Streamlined & Cost-effective House Cleaning Services Dubai

House Cleaning Services Dubai that is widely available can be an ideal option for those unable to locate time to clean their homes on a daily basis when they have to deal with their families, special duties, or other responsibilities.  These days, one doesn’t have to focus on the fact that he or she doesn’t have the time to clean their own home. You can easily employ New Omniyat’s House Cleaning Services Dubai to clean your house once, twice, or as many times as you like. Do you find it hard to maintain your house tidy or organized? Ask for professional assistance, and you’ll see how convenient it is. We all prefer to live in a clean house on the outskirts of clean surroundings. It gives us happiness and maintains a safe lifestyle. But we know the constant attention and regular cleaning activity that is required to maintain our house clean.


There are a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces that ask for our concern and efforts to preserve them, which require our precious time. In addition, some of them require manual labor to the point that it is very tiring after our household chores and official duties. In order to provide us with a respite from such manual laborers, there is skilled assistance at New Omniyat offering House Cleaning Services Dubai with proven experience to help us solve our predicament.


Beginning with the simple cleaning of the mattress, paying close attention to the cleaning of the furniture, taking a constructive role in cleaning the windows to be mindful of the pending cleaning of the ducts, there are various and multi-faceted occasions that involve our diligence in the cleaning of the building. That is why competent, reliable, and cost-effective House Cleaning Services Dubai is always welcome to be a good citizen for a clean and safe lifestyle.


Even the walls, frames, and fly screens of your house require professional care. For an impressive finish, the employees use drop sheets to avoid leaving dirty watermarks. The edges are buffered to ensure no spills or stains for a neat and clean finish.


The cleaning of the furnace duct requires a competent hand to be carried out in a satisfactory manner because the task is more inherent. The best way to do this is to apply an incredibly efficient vacuum cleaner that is mounted onto a vehicle outside the house with mechanical brushes, air jet brushes pulling the dirt loose from inside the furnace ducts. However, the furnace duct may also be cleaned with a smaller vacuum cleaner located within the home, near the oven to be cleaned. lt is crucial for this form of vacuum cleaner to have a HEPA exhaust filter to ensure that the dust from the furnace pipes does not pollute the air in the room. If you need deep cleaning of furnace then get House Cleaning Services Dubai at New Omniyat.


It’s often wise to look for efficiency over cost when selecting services for cleaning your furnace duct. The checking of the entire duct-length after cleaning is, preferably, video footage of the duct-length for a guaranteed repair, as even if the cleaning of a single part is missed, the entire system could be re-contaminated much earlier than the service provider’s guaranteed time.

Reasons To Schedule House Cleaning Services Dubai

Many households think it’s difficult to keep a clean home, particularly when you work long hours and don’t have the time to clean it by yourself. So it’s always a smart idea to employ House Cleaning Services Dubai to take care of your home for you. To decide whether a housekeeping service is a great choice for you, it might be beneficial to know some of the key benefits when you employ one.


  1. It’s the perfect time for a busy schedule. Hiring a house cleaner is the perfect option if you have a busy work schedule. Such a service will clean up your house, and you won’t have to stress about it. 

  2. You’ve got time to concentrate on other things. Getting a housekeeping service would allow you to concentrate on other more crucial aspects of your life, rather than thinking about cleaning your home.

  3. You will always head back home to a clean place. This will make your life more enjoyable and your home more comfortable and aesthetically satisfying.

  4. The contract shall ensure daily cleaning. When you employ a House Cleaning Services Dubai and sign a contract, you get regular house cleaning, generally at a specific rate. This will guarantee that you will always return to a clean spot.

  5. Professional cleaning facilities are very simple to find.
    Finding a home cleaner is very easy, as there are many cleaners in the area (especially in large metro areas). Check online, read other customer reviews, and select the one that best suits your cleaning needs. 

  6. Registered cleaners are effective. One benefit of hiring a house cleaning company is that most of them are highly trustworthy and you can count on them to provide you with the highest standard of cleaning solutions.

  7. Trust the experience. A pro house cleaner can give a lot of experience in the cleaning industry, resulting in excellent service. 

  8. Trust their skills. Most cleaning professionals are experts in what
    they do because of comprehensive training on how to make good use of cleaning tools and solutions. 

  9. Use quality cleaning equipment. Some specialized cleaning equipment can’t be leased by you as a homeowner. So, you’re not going to be able to clean your home thoroughly and effectively.

  10. You will be getting a personalized cleaning schedule.
    A housecleaning service will work directly with you to create a personalized cleaning plan that fits your particular needs and specifications. Such a strategy can include deciding how thoroughly you want to house cleaner to work in your home, as well as which areas you want to pay the most attention to.

Hiring House Cleaning Services Dubai is an ideal alternative for homeowners who want to keep their house clean without having to clean it themselves. The services can give you many advantages, and we hope it was useful to know some of the key reasons why you should hire one.