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Disinfection Spray Service-Reducing The Covid-19 Virus Spread

In these times of uncertainty, do you fully understand all the steps required to protect your building from an outbreak? COVID-19 global pandemic has not only disrupted the way we do business, but also new recommendations appear almost hourly to control the spread of coronavirus, and these guidelines are likely to have affected your facilities. How are you going to tackle all of it? Getting the Disinfection Spray Service at New Omniyat would help you in preventing the spread of the virus on high-touch surfaces.

As a facility manager, there is always a comprehensive list of logistics to deal with, but presently, that list seems to be a mile long. What do you need to know to take care of your facility during COVID-19? How can you ensure your occupants are secure in the building? We are providing Covid-19 Disinfection Spray Service that ensures a germ-free surface, kills 99.99 % germs and is approved by the municipality. 

Build a Safe Space For Work

The health of your staff and your on-site contractors is, of course, a top priority. Employees who can serve from home to help promote and maintain physical distancing within your workplace, but in many places, such as restaurants and grocery stores, your workers are not able to work from home, and their work is incredibly important.

To protect such staff members, you can help maintain your building safe and prevent the spread of the virus by implementing certain measures. For example, the following measures need to be taken:  

  • Break the employees into shifts or days to work so that fewer workers work in the workplace at the same time. 
  • Separate entrance points for staff and guests
  • Get Disinfection Spray Service on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to ensure the safety of the workers.
  • Temporarily disabling building security devices or security passes if your employees should be home.

It’s also a perfect time to make sure the building insurance policy protects coronavirus. 

The International Facility Management Association has brought out an ongoing series of webinars and other tools for facility managers who are searching for advice and best practices to move forward.

Change Security Procedures And Set Reduced Occupancy Points

If your facility is currently empty and all of your occupants are working from home, your building should be designed to reflect a low load so that you don’t spend unnecessary money on utilities.

Check the HVAC, the water heater, and the lighting settings to conserve energy during this period. There is no need to pay for the heat or the ventilation of a building because there is no one in it. Keeping the system running at low time rates keeps the processes functioning and in order without paying high utilities.

If half of the total percentage of the employees are working in the building then, you need to ensure the security and protection to avoid the risk of the Covid19 virus and for this get Disinfection Spray Service in Dubai. That is available for every type of space whether it’s a villa, apartment, restaurant, or office space.

Ensure That The Emergency Services Are Up To Date

You might not have as much exposure to your building as you would like — and it’s hard to manage the facility efficiently from home. Some of the things you should do are check and ensure that all of the emergency services are in proper working order so that, if there is an emergency, the right people are immediately notified.

Are all fire prevention and fire detection systems up to date on their review, monitoring, and maintenance? 

The National Fire Protection Agency is working extremely hard to respond to the crisis of COVID-19. Employees that operate these fire prevention and warning systems have been classified as critical staff and are still working.

Prevent The Air From Drying In Your Facility

Cold, dry air with low humidity levels makes it much easier for airborne viral particles to spread — that’s why we see an increase in cases of flu during the winter. You can aid by using a humidifier to increase the humidity and reduce the spread of airborne particles.

The 40-60-percent humidity level seems to be particularly useful; the air is damp enough to control the spread but not so humid that airborne virus-containing droplets can settle on the surface and persist for extended periods of time.

Our Disinfection Spray Service controls the spread of the virus at your workspace and promotes hygiene ensuring a healthy environment.

Provide Sanitation Choices And Disinfection Spray Service

 Sanitize hands properly and high-touch surfaces are two main ways to help avoid the spread of disease. When your facility is a gateway to essential business, your occupants are likely to be worried about maintaining their businesses and keeping themselves safe. You can help by providing hand sanitizers and sanitizing wipes to construct occupants and their clients.

Professional cleaning organization offers cleaning wipes that can be used to disinfect all hands and surfaces. Such wipes are widely available for use in drug shops, gyms, retail outlets, schools, hospitals, offices, and everywhere else.

Along with using such sanitizing products your company needs Disinfection Spray Service to disinfect the workspace surfaces.

Let’s Take Care of Your Building 

There is a lot of training required to protect the building from the danger of contamination, and the guidelines seem to alter by the minute. Let us worry about trying to keep up with the rising virus epidemic and sanitizing your building for you.

Professional Disinfection Spray Service can be a perfect way to help prevent infection and ease anxiety if someone in your building contracts a virus. Industrial Janitorial Service Companies such as Cleaning Services Group have the equipment, items, and training to perform these types of extensive sanitizing procedures and to make the facility clean. New Omniyat provides full commercial Cleaning Services, including all necessary sanitizing procedures and Disinfection Spray Service. We have regional maintenance services, and if you run facilities in many places, we will be there to support every house, from disinfecting to floor cleaning.

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