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Virtual Cleaning Company in Dubai That Fits on Your Needs:

Are you searching for a cleaning company that thinks along with you and works flexibly, efficiently, and professionally on your cleaning project? New Omniyat combines knowledge of cleaning with knowledge of your sector, then starts a project in the best manners. People clearly show that this focus on their sector ensures an approach that goes further than one size fits all. We are the best cleaning company in Dubai and provide customization with solutions to your situation because the cleaning needs differ per sector and customer.

We are providing regional cleaning services in Dubai with years of knowledge and experience in cleaning. More than 200 enthusiastic employees are available every day to carry out cleaning maintenance on your (commercial) property. Our goal is not just a visibly clean result.


Our cleaners will start working for you with more experience and knowledge. In this way, we get better at our profession every day. The same goes for object leaders, district leaders, customer managers, and the organization behind the scenes.

Each of these business units is dedicated to your sector every day. We are better able to understand what it is all about in that sector and contribute to realizing your goals. Our deep cleaning services in Dubai create core value in the region.

  • Up-front rates
  • Hassle-free services
  • 100% satisfaction
  • High-quality skills for reliability


More than 200 employees with a high level of expertise and knowledge are working in our companies. We pay high attention to our Best cleaning company in Dubai and never compromise on our standards. We have a vast team of proficient people, some of them are in ‘operation’ the others in the office.

Our cooperation binds them in their involvement and their passion for the profession. Working with us means working with a modern, informal employer where personal development and ambition are paramount. We favor working in a dynamic environment filled with friendly colleagues who quickly make your home or building cleaner and catchier.

  • Best customer experience
  • Competitive pricing
  • Meet the customer’s needs
  • Dedicated team


Effective cleaning services in Dubai providers pay an entire genuine interest in their project. Our responding services are too active; we provide affordable service for your cleaning project. New Omniyat will be your final choice when you know that we provide cleaning services in healthcare institutions, schools, buildings, transport, and recreation sectors. Sustainability is our people’s genes. We want to set out together to make your organization even more sustainable for people and the environment. We are efficient in:

  • Office cleaning
  • Medical centers
  • Shopping malls
  • Villa cleaning


Whether you work from home or in the office, your workplace is where you spend a lot of time. It is therefore nice and essential to keep this place neat and clean. There are numerous reasons why cleaning your workplace is compulsory. A clean workplace can boost both mental and physical health. After all, a tidy environment ensures a tidy mind! When you work in a clean and tidy place, it increases your productivity.

Fresh air also ensures that you get less tired and your brain works better. So, we create a healthy environment by applying our cleaning services in Dubai. In addition, a clean workplace naturally ensures better hygiene. When you work in a clean environment, your immunity will improve. Without regular cleaning of the spot, bacteria can quickly grow. These bacteria can make you sick.

  • High standards of cleaning
  • Work according to your budget
  • Effective quality
  • Ready to fit in your needs


The place where you are working often looks less dirty than it is. Bacteria are there without you seeing them correctly. That is why it is important to clean your workplace at least once a week properly. So, for the ease of UAE buildings and institutes, we launched the best cleaning company in Dubai. We use the correct amount of cleaning agents for our projects.

Too little detergent will ensure that the items are not deep cleaning Services Dubai enough. However, too much detergent is also not good! Too much cleaning agent has no added value and only creates an extra burden on the environment. We use an accurate amount of detergents and provide the best quality to maintain our standard.


Spotless windows and clean buildings contribute significantly to the professional appearance of your place. It is also lovely for your employees if they can see through freshly washed places. Regular cleaning company in Dubai not only ensure more professionalism; it also extends the life of your glass.

Every assignment starts with measuring and analyzing the project. For example, we determine which tools are needed, and together with you, we determine when and how often we visit. These aids can consist of the familiar ladder and eraser, but also advanced techniques. Although we have made global planning with you, our planner will always contact you in advance to agree on the exact planning day with you. This way we can take your wishes into account as best as possible. What we do:

  • Domestic cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Regular cleaning
  • Commercial cleaning


Professional cleaning requires safe execution of the work. All our cleaners follow safety rules and are well trained, including diplomas related to exceptional situations and equipment. We can also wash all your glass, even in hard-to-reach places.

You can rely on this:

  • Professional appearance and a longer lifespan of your project
  • Professional cleaning services in Dubai
  • Also, knowledge, skills, and equipment in-house for cleaning in hard-to-reach places
  • Fixed contact person and short lines
  • Planning and always work in close consultation with you


Cleaning after renovation of a villa home, a lot of dirt comes to the fore in new construction or after renovation in the building. Construction or renovation work takes a long time, and at the moment, it is pretty standard for buildings to become seriously polluted. The hard part at this point will no doubt be a post-construction clean-up. Because there is plaster residue, debris, run-off paint, and many other building materials in this mess, cleaning after construction can be difficult and exhausting.

In addition, all these residues and dirt must be removed by qualified cleaning products and experienced people. It will ensure accurate results. Cleaning after renovation is not a regular cleaning; people are usually found through companies that perform this task. Today, in many ways, it is possible to see cleaning companies providing post-construction cleaning services in Dubai. However, each company’s results may not reflect what is desired. That is why we put our efforts into being the best cleaning company in Dubai because we are experienced and professional in this industry. So, we are here to provide you with Villa cleaning services Dubai; contact us to handle your whole cleaning project.

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New Omniyat – a cleaning and maintenance company – is set on introducing multiple services with better service quality and quick turnaround time. Our aim is to add more comfort in your experience and make our services available 24/7 with the same service standards that you expect from an elite class service provider.

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We, at New Omniyat, have designed our services to meet your variable needs that consist of cleaning, maintenance and other routine services. Our services are equipped with flexible structure, affordable prices and professional staff members. Find below the right service and book instantly!



We believe in maintaining the same quality in each service that we offer and that’s what makes us the first choice when it comes to cleaning and technical services.


Being honest and providing the right solution for each problem is one of our business values that have kept us our customers’ favorite service provider and we aspire to continue this tradition.


We own qualified staff that is dedicated and sincere towards the work and think out of the box in the time of need when you hire us for cleaning or maintenance services.


We value maintaining your comfort level while providing our services whenever and wherever you want us to come and serve you and that is why we keep improvising our service structure.